• Mindfulness-Based Coaching

    Mindfulness-Based Coaching

    Mindful based coaching is a time-proven discipline that enables profound personal growth and improvement. Studying Mindfulness enables its learners to cultivate positive mental health and make wise authentic decisions through out their life journey.

    Mindfulness-based coaching is therefore not revolutionary; rather, it is evolutionary. It taps into ancient wisdom and recent findings in neuroscience on how the brain operates. It stimulates the potential of change, from what in the past was believed to be fixed and hardwired into our brains to a conscious life of authenticity.

    Changing any habit or behaviour is challenging. Increasing one’s self-awareness through mindful practices is proving to be a powerful catalyst to sustainably improve well-being and performance, with the support of a professional coach. This often becomes a strong catalyst to address personal development , growth and self awareness objectives identified in the coaching relationship.

    Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Coaching

    • More focus on “being” rather than “doing”
    • Deeper connection with self, others and the surrounding world
    • Strengthening a sense of purpose
    • Shifting from autopilot to deliberate, value-based responses
    • Greater acceptance of challenging moments and less reactive to unpleasant experiences
    • Greater capability to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty
    • More compassion and forgiveness towards self and others
    • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
    • Improved physical health and immune system
    • Connection to authentic self